Wednesday, November 19

Gratitude: A nice little thing: I am immensely grateful for Trav's. It's a place I can order a normal meal, no substitutions, no questions - only "no toast" - and absolutely fucking LOVE IT, rather than simply tolerate it. Ate there tonight with Miss Holea to catch up, and it was fantastic. Second breakfast with buddies is the bestest.

Nutrition: This afternoon my SIL emailed me about Thanksgiving food; her parents are hosting us and planning a pasta bar. I literally teared up trying to write enough to encompass restrictions & ideas & really just wanted to say "I'll bring my own food, it's fine, really, it's easier for everyone that way, even me." And when I feel like such a weird fucking loser who is going to be doing this for the rest of my fucking life...ugh. And then I realized that on vacation, eating is going to be a huge PITA because we are traveling daily & NOT smartly staying in one spot with a kitchenette, which is what works best for me. We won't even have a damn cooler. UGH. I just wanted to cry. Eating shouldn't be this hard.
  • 445a-eggs, bacon, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 930-Larabar, coffee w/ CM
  • 1045-homemade Larabar
  • 1230-chicken, dinner roll, apple, coffee w/ CM
  • 330-coconut butter
  • 6-eggs, ham, potatoes (Trav's!)
  • calories 2100: p 775, c 725, f 600

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 9p-430a, 75% quality. Wide awake 4a onward. Couldn't fall back, thanks to licking dogs. Heard even through ear plugs. FOR REAL.

Healthy Movement: Did PT last night before bed, and again this morning before class since I was up so early & at work so early. Worst pain is balancing on left foot with hip jutting out; if I squeeze that glute to keep my pelvis level, pain disappears. So, while at my desk, I stood like that regularly throughout the day in short bursts. Wake up, left glute!! While walking, I could sometimes eliminate the pain by pushing in around the area, or by hiking up one side or the other, or by twisting. Didn't really "stick" beyond a few steps - more like, a change made the body go, "Whaaa?" until it realized it was nothing, then back to pain. Always worse after sitting. Got a little movement by hauling boxes & & tables and throwing pallets, helping organize for a garage sale at work. Otherwise, another rest day, besides a dreadmill mile for shoe testing.

Fun & Play: Super productive day. Potential for stressful morning, feeling almost burned out at 9am (work chaos), until I realized I hadn't had any work coffee yet. That solved a lot of problems! Coworker giddiness today - we really have a lot of smartass fun 'round here. Got to drop a little dose of praise on the team at a meeting. Supper with Holea, who is in a great place already. Successful shoe test & BK chitchat about them.

Tuesday, November 18

Gratitude: I'm so grateful that I have enough money. I was just whining about how our vacation is going to cost more than I want it to, and how I should probably buy two pairs of winter shoes so that I have a rotation (lower chance of overuse injury) - and then I realized what an asshole I am being. To be able to spend money on these things is a blessing, much less to be able to spend more than I really want to? This is an incredible gift! I have dear friends who are struggling right now, some of them big time, and meanwhile these complaints of mine are not just expenses that I can control & that I choose to indulge in (unlike, say, the cost of a divorce, or child support) - and that I can totally afford. Instead of complaining about my "abundant" expenses, I recognize how privileged I am, and feel grateful.

  • 5a-eggs, bacon, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 945-Larabar, meat stick, coffee w/ CM
  • (12p-Dustin session)
  • 115-chicken, squash, Larabar
  • (515-1m run)
  • 6-salad w/ avocado, SB&J toast 
  • calories 2225: p 500, c 725, f 1000

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 72% quality. Solid as a rock until 4a, then wide the fuck awake. Dozed and dreamed about Western States. GodDAMN, I hope BK gets in. More mountains for me! I mean, yay for my favorite running buddy, but really: it's all about me.

Healthy Movement: Hip still hurts, although there is a little tiny bit of improvement. Session felt good, could kind of feel the hip in first set of squats and then fine. But immediately afterward, from car to TS, it was back. Argh. Bright side: pull-ups PR of 16, hot damn!! Tested a new pair of shoes on the treadmill after class. Just one mile. Liked 'em!

Fun & Play: Uber-productive work day. Session. Buddy praise. Class. Shoe testing.

Monday, November 17

Gratitude: Social media. It's possible to NOT connect through social media, to only have surface connections, and certainly I have "friends" on there that really aren't - but I hide their nonsense and I don't care what they think about mine. And I only make time for two sources: DailyMile & Facebook. Through DM I can keep up with my favorite runners even if I only actually see them once a week, or less. The next time we run, we don't have to catch up on the gap, but can get right down to the nitty gritty details of our hobby. FB gives me the ability to keep tabs on my people, hear their random thoughts, and share my own silliness. I love seeing the little details of others' daily life, pet pictures & kid stories & clever pictures & chicken strips shaped like dragons. Because the little things really are the big things. This I know for certain.

  • 515a-eggs, bacon, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 745-homemade Larabar
  • 945-2 meat sticks
  • 1245p-chicken, dinner roll, Larabar
  • 430-Larabar
  • 615-salad w avocado, toast, apple
  • calories 2425: p 625, c 800, f 1000

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 81% quality. Solid until 4a, then dozing in/out. Alarm woke me, bah.

Healthy Movement: Left hip is very, very tight - has dropped beyond the core and reverted to the hip issue from August. Sadness. I was weirdly excited to TTFU and go running at lunch, tackle the challenge of the sideways snow, Get After It ... but this hip made me stay indoors & rest. Frustrated that I was eager but unable. I was literally getting pissed that BK didn't want to run because I DID want to go run in the nighttime snow. And if he had wanted to, I totally would have. So I know that it's to my physical benefit that he didn't. But not mentally. I want to be able to run whenever I want to. I know it's a minor thing, but it sucks. And I don't know what's causing it, unless my pelvis has turned again. I should do the corrections for that and see if it fixes itself. That would be pretty smart, wouldn't it?

Fun & Play: Class. Another blog post written (not this one - one over here). Much work accomplished (yet so much more not, ugh). Vacation chitchat with FB peeps & BL, and then tracking down flights & a car with the hubs, woo hoo! New winter running shoes with great big meaty lugs! Will have to treadmill test, and even if they suck, it's fun to play with new shoes. It also leads to BK chitchat about shoes. Running buddies are the best.

Sunday, November 16

Gratitude: High time for me to wax on about Hank. He has been such a delight to me since I brought him home 1.5 years ago. He's a hassle, he's messy, he's a liability when vacation planning, he chews everything, he's expensive, and he has wrecked a lot of stuff. And yet? I can't imagine not having him, how boring life was before him. He FLIES out of the garage whenever I come home, runs laps of excitement in the yard, and nearly climbs into the driver's seat to make sure it really is me, that this miracle of my return is not his imagination. He prances around me for attention, always a step ahead of me as I walk through the house to make sure he's going where I'm going. He sits at my feet and leans back into me whenever he is calm or sleepy. He tries to climb into my lap whenever I'm on the couch or the floor, not realizing that at 70lbs, he is NOT a lap dog. He lets me squeeze him tightly with ferocious hugs and whisper my problems into his soft fur and smack his flank satisfyingly, like one would a horse. When I massage his ears just right, he nearly passes out in ecstasy. I love him so much, and I'm so thankful we decided to take the leap beyond kitties. My Hanky is my most joyous buddy.

Nutrition: Today's slog through the snow reminded me that eating enough is hugely important. This week's "overeating" may very well be why it felt as easy as it did. A good reminder to eat by feel and not fight it or worry about it, as long as my cravings are normal and rational. Which they have been, for a very long time. Crazy note here: since about the time I started eating more/enough.
  • 7a-eggs, sausage, toast, coffee w CM
  • 10-homemade Larabar
  • (11-hulking session)
  • 12p-burger on bun w mustard, oven fries, apple w SB
  • 3-homemade Larabar
  • (330-4m run)
  • 6-hamburger, spaghetti squash w marinara, kombucha
  • Calories 2600: p 875, c 1075, f 650

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 945p-630a, 95% quality. In late due to movie-watching, and past 11 before I fell asleep, but out like a rock until 6.

Healthy Movement: Left core is tight. Felt it get almost crampy on TGUs in hulking session, but fine for the rest. That loosened it up somewhat. Upper back tightened up a little after the lifting, but in a good "mmmm, I benched a lot!" way. Debated a run to test out Heidi's shoes, decided I should avoid them (Newtons gave me foot problems a year or two ago), and winter weather had me MEH anyway. And then Shawn offered to run with me, and so I decided that this winter, if I have someone to run with, I do it, whether or not I was planning on running. If there's a buddy, and I have the time, go run! That will keep it enjoyable. I'm so glad I did today. It was tough, but satisfying & fun! 4 miles in peaceful, pretty powder. Left core a little worse again afterward, did the PT stretch after both workouts today, in addition to usual bedtime routine.

Fun & Play: Productive day at home. Hulking. Big dose of reading time. Running that felt good. Shawn time. BK chitchat. FB silliness with several peeps. Lovely, crisp, refreshing nature.

Saturday, November 15

Gratitude: ROUS. It's brought many wonderful people into my world, some of whom have turned into amazingly dear friends, and uncountable fun adventures, and made my running so much more enjoyable. Incredibly grateful. 

  • 5a-eggs, sausages, dinner roll, coffee w/ CM
  • (6-9m run)
  • 815-eggs, ham, bacon, potatoes, much coffee
  • 2p-SB&SB&J toast, kombucha
  • 5-homemade Larabar guts
  • 615-burger on dinner roll w mustard, oven fries
  • 8-pint AZ
  • calories 2750: p 1050, c 1000, f 700

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 95% quality. Solid as a rock. Sleep graph shows me tossing & turning 345a onward, but I don't think that happened. I got up feeling pretty great.

Healthy Movement: Feeling great, and excited for the run. Not even too upset about the cold. It was better than hoped; after a full week off, I thought 9 miles might kinda suck, but the body held up nicely. Left core did get crank around mile 7, and extra super crank after sitting at Trav's. Stretched it when I got home but it was tight all day long. Ugh. Shoes were upsettingly slippery on the snow, as expected, but BK came through with several recs for me to investigate. 

Fun & Play: Great time on the run. Breakfast with my BB. Shoe advice chitchat with BK. Bonus bit of HB & Mitzi time. Shopping for new running shoes (online) using BK's helpful research; found 4 that Amazon will deliver next week! Cooking alongside the hubs. Vacation plans. Movie time.

Nature: No stars were visible on our cloudy morning run, but I did enjoy crunching along on the snowmobile trail, and now I've found some hope that LCSP's trails will also be runnable. Eep!

Friday, November 14

Gratitude: I am so grateful for my orange boy Clyde. He knocked over the dog water dish this morning, making a big mess for the half-dozenth time, and yet when his number one favorite thing to do is sit in my lap & lean back into me & purr like an exotic sports car ... I forgive him anything & everything. If I were raising children, they'd be SO naughty; I'm such a sap.

Nutrition: Why can't I stop over-eating? I was in a mode of tracking solely to make sure I was eating enough, but now I'm easily flying past my minimum and still feeling a little deprived. This is getting weird.
  • 545a-eggs, sausages, yam, coffee w/ CM
  • 7-Larabar, coffee w/ CM
  • 930-meat stick, mixed nuts
  • 12p-sausages, hot dog bun, mixed nuts
  • 330-Larabar 
  • 630-eggs, sausages, yam, decaf w CM
  • calories 2700: p 700, c 750, f 1250

: 7.75 hours in bed, 945p-530a, 79% quality. In too late due to painting class, otherwise super solid, woke naturally, got up rested.

Healthy Movement: Sore glutes, that's it! Definitely from the jumping lunges, I decided while doing class warm-up today (every third Friday). Still, I wanted very much to join in, but having already told BK I would conserve for tomorrow's run, I stayed wise & resisted. Feel excited to run tomorrow; have 2-3 pals to join so it will be a grand time of playing at running. And hopefully I see some stars ... this morning I saw the moon (but no stars, sun was rising) and it made me realize I haven't seen it nor Orion for at least a week. I miss that big fella. Greeting him is a pleasant way to start my day.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. HH chitchat & running-date-making. BK chitchat & coffee-delivering. BB chitchat & breakfast-date-making. Damn, I love my peeps! NSS time was super productive, had extra time to get some good reconciling done. HB chitchat and hug- & advice-giving. She'll be fine, I know, but it hurts me to see her feeling so sad & hurt. Hubs time.

Thursday, November 13

Gratitude: LAPW. I have met so many people and made so many connections. I don't know that any of them are on my close friends list, but they are definitely lovable and fun to hang with. Tonight I did one of the painting classes with a group of them, and had SO much fun. Except for not leaving until 8:15 pm (oh no!), I loved every bit of it, and want to do it again.

Nutrition: Got me a delivery today that consists FOUR CASES of I have two left in my drawer. Great timing!
  • 6-eggs, sausages, yam, coffee w/ CM
  • 10-apple, meat stick
  • 1130-Larabar
  • (12p-Dustin session)
  • 115-sausages w/ bun, Larabar
  • (440-class)
  • 530-bag pork jerky, Larabar
  • calories 2325: p 925, c 700, f 700

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 915p-545a, 88% quality. Wide awake at 2a. Up for bathroom, water, in/out there onward. It was kind of terrible, but at least I was able to sleep in nice & late, thus got up feeling fairly rested.

Healthy Movement: I haz aching squat legs. Session still felt fantastic, no issues. Happy to get to go heavier again on deadlifts & stuff. Remembering that I was looking forward to dropping the runs and upping the weights. Did my afternoon class and loved the complete change of pace to something hard as shit & satisfyingly fatiguing. Had to miss a few minutes for coaching purposes; may be able to join the second round of each afternoon class to teach well, and it moderates my dosage too.

Fun & Play: Productivity. Cleaned out some to-dos. BK chitchat. Session. Class. Painting fun!

Ze blank canvasss.

Ze tools.

Easiest part!

Hm, not perfect, but I like them.

Ooh, pretty! Very happy with my birch trees.

Those mothafucking BIRDS were the death of me. Blue bird was perfect on the first stabs. Then I redid red boy like 3 times and yella fella around 8 times. Still not satisfied, but it's the best this accountant will do without help (I didn't want help).

Add some pretty snow flecks, and VOILA, I am an arteest!