Wednesday, September 17

  • 5a-2 eggs, 2 toast, 3 chicken sausage, roasted veg, coffee w/ CM
  • 8a-Larabar, coffee w/ CM & cinnamon
  • 10-Larabar
  • 1215-2 hot dogs, bit of leftover chicken & yams, chia bootch
  • 330-banana, few roasted salted almonds
  • 5-6 Pro Bar chews
  • (515-45min run)
  • 7-salad w avocado, 2 toast, apple w SB
  • calories 2625: p 575, c 1000, f 650
Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 830p-445a, 87% quality. Wide awake at 345a, what the fuck? Nice to wake without an alarm, but seriously, why a full hour early?? Dozed in & out, got up feeling fairly rested but a little worried about the impact on my day.

Healthy Movement: Good, just some left core tightness. Maybe I should be doing my PT, eh? Dumb ass. Did in eve. No lunch workout, busy volunteering like a bleeding heart. Instead, even better, I met Brian for more trails out at LCSP. A bit hot at 70F (just kidding) (mostly), but it was gorgeous. Could feel yesterday's squats just a wee bit in the quads, but nothing that would have slowed me down much. Surprisingly, I would've loved more miles, but Brian had an angry calf that kept us shorter. It's fucking phenomenal what a running buddy does for my miles: "I don't want them to end! Let's run forever!" Contrast that to miles with only the voices in my head to keep me company: "Meh. This is hard. Maybe I should lift weights instead?"

Fun & Play: Not a productive work day by any means, many meetings, volunteering for UW, flu shot, another meeting, etc...but it was fun as shit. I love my coworkers. I love our completely unprofessional chats. I love that I feel vital again. Silly doggy picture from the hubs. Wonderful to scoot out a touch early, and to hit trails; nothing beats time in nature. After our run we stood around talking, absorbing the peace & quiet of an empty park, for like 15 more minutes. Bliss.

Tuesday, September 16

Nutrition: Eliminating bacon for a while means Hanky is now a big-eyed, sad-faced, thoroughly disappointed pooch every morning when he doesn't get a nice big juicy piece of pure pork fat. Me, too,, too.
  • 5a-1 egg, mustard, 2 toast, roasted veg, 3 chicken sausage, coffee w CM
  • 615a-Larabar
  • 7-more coffee w CM & cinnamon (this happens every day, I usually forget to record it)
  • 1030-(homemade!) beef jerky, coconut butter
  • (1130-Dustin session)
  • 1p-chicken, yam
  • 3-chocolate super cookies
  • 6-salad w avocado & pepper vinaigrette dressing, 2 hot dogs 
  • calories 2575: p 900, c 775, f 900

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 87% quality. WIDE awake at 4a, dozing as long as I could. What the hell, why couldn't I sleep until 6a? Annoying. Fine if I had popped out of bed bright & refreshed, but I did not.

Healthy Movement: Tight left core, tight lower legs (didn't stretch post-run yesterday, dumb), all else is good. Session went great after initial disappointment on pull-ups. I was feeling so super strong all the way through #10 and then they just went to hell. What on earth happened? Anyway, I know, poor me, I can only do 13 pull-ups today. Sorry so weak, bro.

Dustin questioned what has changed in that my running feels so good again, and my lifting is on the up & up, and I just plain ol' feel so very good. I told him nothing has changed, but he said "It's gotta be something - it's ALWAYS something."

There are many little things, like perfect fall weather, a massive dose of endorphins & happiness from the Superior 100 weekend, lowered work stress, less internalizing, more fun events with my various peeps...little things that are, perhaps, really the big things.

Perhaps also dramatically reducing nuts, but analyzing the physical reasons isn't nearly as fun as recognizing the awesome people-related things because I know they have a huge impact on the state of my brain, and for me that always translates directly to the physical.

Fun & Play: Productive work day, fun chats, fun team break playing a game, good things. Great session, and with my Timmy, too! Sitting by MB & Joy during the all-team. Fun, non-sarcastic, energizing lovelies! Few more chores knocked out in the eve, plus going to bed early. Delicious.

Monday, September 15

Nutrition: REALLY hungry today, couldn't eat enough. Also low on work snacks; somehow I had zero Larabars or Kind bars or anything and didn't know it. However! Turned out I had 4 cases of Larabars that had arrived to my door on Saturday and I just finally discovered them today. Now I'm all stocked up on all the very best flavors.
  • 515a-2 eggs, 3 chicken sausage, roasted veg, 3 toast, coffee w CM
  • 845-coconut butter
  • 1045-roasted salted almonds (kept to ~1/2 oz), large green apple
  • (1215p-30min run)
  • 115-chicken, yam, few more almonds
  • 6-salad w avocado & pepper vinaigrette dressing, 2 toast, apple w SB
  • calories 2350: p 550, c 875, f 925

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 66% quality. Tossed & turned more than usual. Wide awake at 4a, happy to have more time to sleep, but I fell back hard and the alarm buzzed me at 5a sharp. Gah-ross.

Healthy Movement: Left core tight. Stretched it after class, stayed tight all day. Lunch run was a nice hard push, enjoyed doing that for a change. HOORAY, FALL! Did my PT after the run like a good girl. Still a tight core, but man, remembering how good that side stretch felt prompted me to do it again in the eve. I'm on a roll!

Fun & Play: Good moods at work, especially given it's a Monday. A quick chat with my Timmy. Sent a surprise gift to Greg to repay him for breakfast at the Superior 100, both because he didn't need to pay to feed me, and also because it was my monthly RAK day! A training class with my Buddy, no chance for talking, but lovely to see her. Surprisingly solid run. Saw Brian after that run and had an excuse to stand outside for 5 extra minutes in the glorious, lovely fall day. Rough to go back inside, want an outside job right now, pretty please! Hubs home all eve, plenty of chatting and even some chores done, including him dragging a pile of giant branches out from the weeds, just for me & my Saturday-night bonfire. Score!

Sunday, September 14

Nutrition: Got my act together in terms of food prep: whole slow-cooker chicken with a jar of salsa dumped on it; 4 packages of frozen veg cooked up, sprinkled with a TS spice, for a breakfast side; 2 packages of breakfast chicken sausage cooked (need to lay off the bacon for a while); bunch of yams cooked. Go me!
  • 645-2 eggs, bacon, roasted veg (cabbage, bok choi, rutabaga, cauliflower), 2 toast, coffee w CM
  • (1015-hulking session)
  • 1145-summer sausage w rice crackers, apple w SB
  • 215-coconut bar
  • 545-2 hot dogs w mustard, 3 toast w SB & CB & jelly, half kombucha
  • (645-4.6m run)
  • Calories 2275: P 600, C 575, F 1100

Sleep: 9 (!) hours in bed, 930p-630a, 86% quality. Coughed myself awake at 130a (I am apparently allergic to my work desk, and my bed), hit bathroom and drank water to soothe the throat. In/out 5a onward, trying to fall back but no luck. Got up rested but a little groggy. Felt a little sleepy while hammocking but otherwise I had zero need for a nap, no energy crash. Cool!

Healthy Movement: I got up feeling really damn good. Little core tightness but the legs & the hips, they felt just fine, how is that possible?! I expected at least SOME creakiness to start my day. Not even any left-knee pain on stairs, and. THAT is a total shock. Put on compression socks anyway, figured every little bit helps if I'm running tonight, too. Had me a fun hulking session, improved my bench a bit over two weeks ago; all things felt good. Not stellar, not bad, just good. If not for the evening run plan, would've dragged the tire outside for some flips in the lovely warm sunshine. Instead I got to enjoy an easy run at LCSP; worth the trade-off both for the company, the nature, and the fantastic T&S training. The left core felt somewhat tight while running, but not bad. Need to get back onto my proper PT schedule and I'm sure it will go away again. Also I made sure to stuff myself before the run to see if it would sit well. I was fine, but I did have about an hour to digest, so I still don't know if I could put much down DURING a run.

Fun & Play: Productive day, lots of chores & food prep & cleaning done. Not fun to DO, but fun to HAVE DONE. Good hulking session. Sunshine & open windows. Hammock time. Not feeling beat-up from yesterday. Very enjoyable easy run. Chatting with Brian. Hubs back home.

Nature: Open windows again, yay! Hammock time! It took bundling up into a hat, mittens, and a sleeping bag, but it was worth it. Especially when a fawn wandered right into my yard. Eeee! And the run at LCSP was so perfect. Perfect temps, quiet time of day, peaceful woods. Fall is the best, yo.

Saturday, September 13

Nutrition: Starving on my run today; need more solid food in my belly. Tough to figure out what will be more substantial but still sit well.
  • 5-2 eggs, bacon, 2 toast, coffee w CM
  • (715-15m run)
  • During-4 chews, salt tab, "yellow one" squeeze pack
  • 1045-whey shake
  • 1130-2 eggs, ham, breakfast potatoes, coffee
  • 130p-apple w SB
  • (230-430-nap)
  • 430-SB&J toast, 2 cod liver oil
  • 630-salad w avocado, 2 toast
  • 8-pint AZ w mango & coconut butter
  • Calories 2875: P 750, C 1075, F 1050

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 88% quality. Dozing 430a onward, but Hanky wouldn't let me go any later. Felt solid, would've liked more. Napped after the run, 2 lovely hours. Got up feeling rather refreshed.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling quite good. Run had high points and low points, as most do. Never felt awesome, but only felt like serious work in the last five miles. A success! Left core was tight off and on after about 2/3, and stiffened up afterward, but wasn't bad the rest of the day. There, but not flinchingly so.

Fun & Play: Fanstastic running weather, and a successful outing with many friends. Second breakfast. Nap. Silly chats with my peeps. Good racing news from the hubs. Snuggly pets.

Friday, September 12

Nutrition: Ate up the calories today, but felt exhausted all day long, like I couldn't possible get enough energy from the calories I took in. Weird.
  • 6a-1 egg, bacon, mustard, 2 toast, SB&J toast, coffee w CM
  • 945-bag pork jerky
  • 1215p-can tuna w mustard, rice crackers, whey shake
  • 330-chocolate super cookies
  • 6-Daiya pizza, root beer kombucha (so super noms)
  • calories 2950: p 700, c 1550, f 700

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 930p-6a, 97% quality. More like 80%. I was awake & dozing in/out 5a onward. Again reliving all the highlights of last weekend. Just so much loveliness that turned my brain around, when I didn't even realize it needed it. But sleep would've been better. In late due to keeping up with online pals and also this time it was Oscar who wouldn't get his ass back inside. Damn kids! Very nearly considered skipping NSS to nap and instead work there over the weekend, but my overbooked schedule prevented that option. Getting up early again in the morning to run, thus I will definitely be going to bed early tonight like a good kid.

Healthy Movement: Body feels good, but tired. Sat down a few times very briefly at TS (to file things) and didn't want to get up at all. Very tired. At NSS, all chairs occupied so I nearly built a standing station, then realized I could steal the rolling trunk and sit on that; I did, and enjoyed the sitting very much so. Tired.

Fun & Play: Super productive workday, by necessity: no time to fuck around on Fridays. Races are going well in WI for Hop's buddy. Or at least, last night went well. Still don't actually wish I were there.Got a text from my Lisa that she had a good run, on her first run in two months, yay for feeling good for all of us! I hope she gets back into a groove, because I definitely miss running with her.

Saw my Buddy, felt like it's been ages. (It has. A single day without her is too much.) I miss her and I just had to hug her because I am feeling so super lovey toward all of my people lately, and she is one of my tip top favorites, and sometimes she reads this so I hope she sees that. (Mwah!)

I don't know why my brain is so exhausted by Friday afternoon, but it is, and especially today. I was happy to have NSS to myself after 3 or so, I craved the silence for once. Brain was very tired. Have I mentioned I am tired today? At least my attitude is fine, feeling good about my life. Especially my people; do you know how perfectly awesome my friends are? If you're one of them, then you do.

Quiet evening at home. Eat all the carbs, read a book, laugh at the silly pooches, snuggle with the soft kittehs.

Thursday, September 11

Nutrition: Starving today; apparently my appetite is back, but with a vengeance, sheesh. I am in desperate need of time to food-prep, or else my case of tuna to show up (hurry, Amazon!), because jerky for lunch is not acceptable. It's fucking delicious, but so not affordable. I've been really dumb about food spending, need to rein that shit in. I could make a lot of my snacks for a hell of a lot cheaper, just need to make the time.
  • 6a-1 egg, mustard, bacon, 2 toast, coffee w CM
  • 945-Larabar
  • 11-Renola
  • (12p-Dustin session)
  • 130-S&H jerky, banana
  • 330-Paleo bar
  • (6-1-hour run)
  • 730-salad w avocado, 2 toast
  • calories 2175: p 525, c 850, f 800
Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 930p-545a, 86% quality. Was basically awake 5a onward. Reliving the weekend, trying to cement all those perfect moments into my memory.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good. Brain was feeling awesome enough to request heavier weight TGUs in my session, after meekly sticking with the safe light 16kg for weeks now. The actual convo after the first rep with 16kg:
Dustin: So what do you want to do?
Oh yeah, and besides the happier TGUs, there was that little bitty PR in my ring pull-ups!
FIFTEEN straight ring pulls! (Or, as my brain keeps stating it: fif-fuckin-teen!)
I wish Dustin had been watching to audit that number because frankly I don't even know how I did it. They just flew up. I say GODDAMN, that made me happy! Next, must hit 15 on the NG bar, and then...well...twenty, obviously. Never satisfied.

Eve run with Monica was amazingly good, and an hour long without effort. It was the kind of good that got me into running to a start with. Please stay, wonderful feeling! Please please please!

Fun & Play: Cool morning weather. Productive work day. Fabulous session. All the plans with all the running buddies. A fantastic run, doesn't get better than enjoying the movement.

Hubs heading out on a well-deserved vacation - just wish I were going with. Brian had better feel so fucking special that I traded it for last weekend. But honestly: it was worth it, the Superior 100 was much more fun than the Legendary 100 has been in the past many years. For someone who doesn't drink, can't eat any of the group food, hasn't watched the races at all this year, has very little in common with the rest of the group, and likes to go to bed by 9pm & get up at's not all that fun anymore. There's maybe a single mile of trails nearby, and zero squat racks or pull-up bars! And I can hole up with a book in the peace & quiet at home, and that will be more restful than CLS would've been anyway. But hey, I'm not holing up at all! Running with all my besties (YAY), and then also cleaning my entire house (BOO), so that they can come over next weekend (YAY) for a bonfire (EXTRA YAY).