Sunday, August 31

Nutrition: Last night I bought Brussels sprouts for the first time in ages. Why haven't I been buying these? Delicious addition to breakfast!
  • 7a-2 eggs, bacon, Brussels sprouts, 2 toast, coffee w coconut milk
  • (930-hulking session)
  • 1045-brownie
  • 1215p-mixed nuts, kombucha 
  • 415-hot dog w kraut & mustard, SB&J bun
  • 545-3 ribs
  • 945-4 chews 
  • (10-5.3m run)
  • calories 2575: p 600, c 925, f 1050

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 945p-630a, 89% quality. Pretty solid, and was able to wake up slowly on my own. Lovely! Napped 2-4p anyway, because I could.

Healthy Movement: Left Achilles strangely tight upon waking, but went away quickly. Right hip pinch just barely there, left hip fairly good. Did some basement hulking where I discovered the right hip is pretty bad after all, some PT stretches made it angry (modified them), and I couldn't find a pain-free squat at all, even at BW. Fuck! Also the left forearm was back to hating TGUs even though on Thursday they were okay with the same KB size. What the hell is going on there? BLARGH. It's finally big-goal season and now I'm full of issues. So frustrating. At least the bench went well, first time it's been decent at home in quite a while.

Right hip improved with the nap & it didn't even give a whimper on the night run. Left core area did kick in around mile 3, disappointing, but that is more of a dull ache that I know I can run through on race day if needed. Didn't do full PT in eve, just the left core stretch. Too tired.

Fun & Play: A great night's sleep. Lazy day at home. Pooches. Nap time. Backyard bonfire. Night run with a lovely group.

Saturday, August 30

Nutrition: Post-run breakfast with the running group at a place that has prompted acne before, so no hashbrowns, just eggs & ham because I figured minimal soybean oil involved, AND THEN my genius move: I brought a bun from home, sliced that bitch in half, and ate my eggs on it after the ham used up the yolks. Perfection.
  • 6a-brownie, 2 strawberries, coffee
  • (7-3.5m run)
  • 8-2 eggs, ham, bun, coffee
  • (1030-nap)
  • 130p-hot dog, peas, strawberries, mixed nuts, coffee
  • 630-Cobb salad w oil & vinegar
  • calories 1925: p 800, c 625, f 500
Sleep: 6 (!) hours in bed, 12a-6a, 64% quality. In super late due to the night run + 100% necessary post-run shower, then sorta crappy sleep, then in/out 530a as I slowly woke up to the dogs prancing/growling. UGH. Would have loooved to go back to bed after tossing them outside, but, commitments. Post-post-run shower, back to bed for a nap from 1030a-1245p, a full sleep cycle followed by a slow 10-minute wake-up or so. Very refreshing.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling better than I expected after the run + short night + no evening PT (too tired & too in need of sleep; figured the PT appt covered my second PT session?). Beginning of the 3.5m run felt rather terrible, right hip was extra pinchy, but within a half-mile the body felt fine and it was only a humidity battle. Plus, running with Aaron (buddy of Brian's) so I was extra chatty with him, good distraction. Dropped swear words every other sentence, as usual, but he likely was NOT expecting such from me (he works at TS as well), so that was delightful.

Wore compression socks to bed last night, and all day today, including the run. Just in case they help, ya dig? Left hip was tight all day and right hip was pinchy every time I got up, but didn't last. I sat pretty much all day.

My buddies backed out of tonight's planned 10p run, which was a bit of a relief. I'm tired, yo. We shall try again tomorrow night. When it's supposed to rain. Crap!

Fun & Play: Group run. Group breakfast. Nap time. Quiet house. Bunch of misc little chores completed. Supper out with the hubs. 

Friday, August 29

Nutrition: I need to get some salads made; without that, my supper default becomes bacon & eggs. Which is a fine meal, but not for 2/3 of my meals. Need more veggies than that.
  • 5a-2 eggs, bacon, 2 toast, coffee w coconut milk
  • 945-apple, roasted almonds
  • 1p-2 hot dogs, sugar snap peas, Larabar 
  • 3-pluot, more peas
  • 6-egg, bacon, 2 toast, mixed nuts, apple w SB
  • 915-few cashews, couple strawberries, half fruit bar (sat okay during run)
  • (10-5m run)
  • calories 2375: p 550, c 725, f 1100
Acne: Currently fiercely bad. WHY? What the hell is the deal? I was reading a site today (should've saved the link to post here for reference) that talked about several causes that could be affecting me: elevated testosterone, like from lifting; too many sugars & simple carbs, like I need for long runs; diet. So maybe I really have found all of the triggers in my diet but these other two causes remain. Well, what the fuck do I do about them? I won't stop lifting. I need simple carbs for long runs. How do I find the right balance?

Or, thinking back, is it just that there was something hidden in the taco bar? Probably soy on the onions and peppers. Why don't I just go the safe route, why can't I just get over the bothersome questions and weird looks?

Why is this so fucking difficult for me to conquer?

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 73% quality. In a bit late due to the late run, up early due to visiting guest Taco Pierre growling at my morning alarm dog Hank, simply for getting a little too close to Taco's pillow.

Healthy Movement: I took a Benadryl last night and woke up feeling the exact same! Is this a sign that Benadryl doesn't work for me anymore? Shit. Things feel good, just a touch of stiffness from last night's run. Had to do PT at TS again, but that sure is a handy benefit. Stood at NSS, didn't want to sit and get stiff throughout the afternoon. PT visit in afternoon, he told me to add some instability to my hip hikes by standing on a pillow, then come back Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Somehow I spaced asking about right pinch, as it just wasn't bothering me at the time. Brain dead.

At 10pm (an hour after my bedtime!) I did a 5-mile night run at Carlos with Shawn & Andy (Brian was supposed to come, he is the reason we shifted all the way back to 10pm, then his babysitter didn't show...yet another reason to only have pets!) was 5 miles of humidity-sucking bleahness. Was a struggle on the legs at a few points but mainly I just die when my air is so saturated. At least the temp was in the 60s, that made it less terrible. Super fucking weird on the depth perception & perspective. And creepy to hear critters rustling the leaves alongside the trails, a weird hyper-awareness that you have to just SHUT DOWN because you haven't a clue if we're talking snake or skunk or serial killer, but you (I) just gotta assume it's only a fluffy little squirrel & ignore it.

Fun & Play: Productive morning at TS, knocked out a big task and had fun times with the few others working. NSS by 1pm was excellent, nice & people-filled for a while, but before long, everyone was gone and I was alone. Sadness. But it does make me super productive and I was outta there in perfect time to get to PT appt. At home: laziness stretched out near-flat in the recliner, time by the bonfire with hubs & pooches, then off to run in the woods.

Thursday, August 28

Nutrition: I took two cod liver oils this morning. Maybe when I'm feeling this low-grade MEH-ness, that's something to add in.
  • 6a-2 eggs, bacon, 3 toast, coffee w CM
  • 1015-carrot cake super cookies
  • (12-Dustin session)
  • 130-hot dog, sugar snap peas, brownie
  • 5-coconut butter
  • (545-4.5m run)
  • 730-2 toast, egg, bacon, mustard, apple, strawberries
  • calories 2650: p 675, c 825, f 1150

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 930p-545a, 88% quality. Up and h/s/g at 230a. Bathroom & water, but stupid racing monkey mind. Got back up to eat some walnuts, and then was able to fall back. I'm pinpointing the brownies I overate at supper; too many sugary calories too close to bed. I think. (My defense: trying to get some damn carbs in.)

Healthy Movement: Felt hungover when I got up: tired, dehydrated, headachey. Frustrating. Got better after breakfast of course, but what gives? Hip felt so good this morning that I almost forgot about PT. (Did it at work after fetching coffee. And just before jumping in the shower. Haven't missed a session yet!) Bonus: realized today that I felt no squat soreness after Tuesday - must be hitting the perfect rep-range on 3 week.

Session went okay; slightly backward everywhere. I wonder if the face full of acne indicates some all-over inflammation, and that's why all of me feels just a little bit effed up lately. And if so, what do I do about it?

Also, allergies. I don't really want to take Benadryl when it's so mild, but I also don't want to be taken by complete surprise at the Superior 100 next weekend and WISH I had some in my system, suffering through sneezes or watery eyes as I run in the dark!

After work, joined the Thursday-night ROUS outing to LCSP. Five of us! Ran 4.5 miles with Monica, and the first 2 miles sucked wind, then it felt good. Light rain, nice & cool, goddamn I love fall running! Left hip never bothered me, right-hip pinch from yoga club did surface, but I think that will disappear quickly, no concerns.

Fun & Play: Session. Productive day. Fabulous time at LCSP.

Temperance: Something I should really celebrate: I have leftover brownies from Saturday. And yesterday (their 5th day in my house) was the first day I actually ate some, and only because I needed carbs & to avoid tossing them, and NOT because I really wanted them, or had been avoiding them, or anything. All week I've been totally uninterested in them, pure apathy.

This goes for most food; I don't usually crave bacon or pork rinds or bread or ice cream or any of it. Even my precious pizza: it's rare that I'm craving it, but 99% that I need some fucking carbs in my system and whole food is falling short. And when I do buckle down and inhale some carbs, it still doesn't turn into a MOAR CARBZ binge like it would've once upon a time. (Often upon many times, in truth.) Thank you, Whole9 life!

Wednesday, August 27

Nutrition: ZOMG, I have friends who bring me gifts of bacon. Delivered right to my desk! Best snack evah! (Rather hilariously timed to be the same day Molly Galbraith emailed about not eating All The Baconz.)
  • 515a-2 eggs, bacon, 2 toast, coffee w coconut milk
  • 745-Larabar, coffee w coconut milk
  • 945-bacon
  • 12p-chicken, onions & peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives (taco bar, without the taco)
  • 145-half pork jerky
  • (2-blood donation)
  • 3-remaining pork jerky
  • 430-roasted almonds
  • (545-yoga)
  • 630-salad w avocado, 2 toast, 2 brownies 
  • calories 2475: p 625, c 700, f 1150
Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 87% quality. Screaming for Hank to get back inside before bed is not exactly good for the resting. But I was solid. Woke a little h/s/g around 3a or so, but not awake enough to check the time and fell back quickly.

Healthy Movement: The new stretch James added, for the left oblique area, is really helping a LOT. Felt great all morning, though it came back a little after a lot of sitting for meetings. Had yoga club for the first time in MONTHS and I was really looking forward to it, but it was awful. I don't enjoy stretches without first doing some kind of work that makes them feel good, and also I was not able to relax at all into any of these positions. Way too aggressive, and they kind of pissed off my hip flexors on both sides. Bleah.

Fun & Play: Class outside. Bacon delivery & a visit with my Buddy! LAPW luncheon where I met a new-to-town woman who loves trail running and had almost complete disdain for road running. A new pal! Productive work day. Donating blood & saving lives at the same time as my Buddy, for a bonus visit. Hubs made it home.

Temperance: Cunty Internal Voice is being very mean about my current acne outbreak (the source of which, of course, I can't pinpoint). Hard to stop hearing that voice when it's inside your own head, ya know?

Tuesday, August 26

  • 6a-2 eggs, pork roast, 2 toast, coffee w coconut milk
  • 830-Larabar
  • 10-pepitas
  • 1115-Larabar (strangely very hungry)
  • (12p-Dustin)
  • 130-tuna w mustard, rice crackers, sugar snap peas
  • 515-lemon super cookies
  • 630-salad w avocado, hot dog
  • calories 2400: p 700, c 650, f 1050

: 8.5 hours in bed, 9p-530a, 95% quality. Not a chance, not at all. Was back up at 945p to yell at Hanky and shut some windows that seemed to be letting in noise that had him jonesing to get outside. Woke at 1230a to a dreaming Lexi who let out this heart-stopping screechy howl. Woke at 430a to a prancing Hanky but was so. tired. that I kept forcing him to lay back down. Yeah, so, more like 65%.

Healthy Movement: PT before leaving home & again before getting ready for bed. (Pets love it. Oh, you're on the floor to play with me!) Dull and very minor ache at top of hip most of the day, no change during session; left shoulder was perfectly fine. Session was okay, not much for progression, but nothing really obviously lacking, no glaring problems. I was strangely feeling a bit shaky and a little low-blood-sugar-like in the beginning, but it went away.

Fun & Play: Cinco de Dustin today! I never would've imagined I'd still be working with him, I was only using him to get back to running without pain, and that's it. Who knew I'd fall so in love with lifting that I'd give up running for it if forced to? Anyway I shared my two sketch runs and gave him a nice card & gift. Sometimes I worry I overdo stuff like that, give too generously and get too emotional & heartfelt, when today wouldn't mean a thing to him otherwise. But then, obviously he will mean more to me than I do to him, he's got a lot more Sabrinas than I do Dustins, so, whatever. He knows he's valued, that's my goal, moving on.
A productive work day again, though not exactly the items on my to-do list, more so picking up a task left undone & trying to streamline it before handing it off to its new owner. Which I enjoy doing quite a bit, but the daunting to-do list, it frightens me a little. Silliness at home with dogs, though still torturing Lexi with no fetch due to her limping. Another quiet night without the hubs.

Monday, August 25

  • 515a-2 eggs, pork roast, 2 toast, coffee w coconut milk
  • 6-Larabar
  • 945-mixed nuts
  • (12p-3.7m run)
  • 1-tuna w mustard, rice crackers, small apple
  • 6-salad w avocado, hot dog, dinner roll
  • 715-apple w SB
  • calories 2250: p 700, c 650, f 900
Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 930p-5a, 73% quality. Up at 2a for bathroom, water; nearly got back up for food, stomach growling, but managed to fall back first. Weirdly felt h/s/g most of the morning after getting up. Also, I got to wake up Hank today! Payback, sucka!

Healthy Movement: Hip hurts but not severe. Did most of class warm-up, demo'd moves, and did PT afterward. While my hip was still feeling tight, I risked it to log my run which I needed done today so I can give to Dustin tomorrow. Felt okay, hip didn't get worse; but as hot as I got in under-70F, I don't know how the hell I survived yesterday's run. Power of the group, I guess. PT appointment with James where he added a stretch for my left side oblique area, hopefully targeting the upper end of the tightness. Fingers crossed!

Fun & Play: Class was fun, they did Spartacus...I miss doing that with my Buddy! Also I don't know how we did it so often, it looked damn hard to me today. Productive work day. A run that felt good everywhere other than the hip, which is impressive given 8 miles yesterday, which means I'm actually making progress in my training, yee haw! Silent night at home, hubs gone. All the windows open, cool freshness flooding in. Silly sweet pets.