Saturday, May 23

Nutrition: The acne is getting even worse. Gah.
  • bacon ends & pieces
  • chews
  • Doolittle's Cobb

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 100% quality. YES, I would say so. 'Twas lovely!

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling more achey than I did yesterday; what? Better as I moved, though. Walk to run was awesome; tried to maintain a 10:00 pace and kept finding myself creeping faster. Just felt fabulous to move. That disappeared once I hit LCSP, though. I tightened up less than expected so I had high hopes, but I just felt like running was too much work on the lungs. I felt I could've pushed through & sucked it up, but I would rather be capable of pushing on Monday at SJU with pals, so I cut myself slack today. I took a bajillion pictures so it averaged out to be a very low intensity. Lazy rest of the day, much sitting.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Walk to run peeps. LCSP perfection. Second breakfast! Time with mom. Free Doolittle's lunch. Errands accomplished. Bills paid. Hubs time. Pets time.

Friday, May 22

Nutrition: Man, roasted almonds are the tastiest thing in my world. Wait, no; can't be as good as bacon. But close.
  • Larabars: 2
  • Kind Strong bar
Acne: I've got a pretty rotten breakout happening. Given the timing, I think last weekend's pizzas are in the clear, because it only got awful yesterday/today. I've had a daily Kind Strong bar this week, and those are quite sweet. Also I've had a few days of the chews, which are pure sugar (from tapioca). I have also been eating industrial-raised pork fat (bacon ends & pieces) daily since Saturday; timing makes it seem okay, unless it's a quantity thing. Well, shit, that's a lot to try ruling out, isn't it? The bacon will continue (because BACON), I can ditch the Strong bars, keep the chews for now, but they'll be next to go if it worsens.

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 930p-445a, 88% quality. FALSE. More like 68%; I don't understand Sleep Cycle sometimes! I was awake until nearly 1030p, even getting up twice (once to toss the dogs outside when the hubs came home, but went to basement to check out sump pump; once to re-close the bedroom door after the hubs was in/out). Slept solidly, but then tossed & turned shortly after 4a

Healthy Movement: Aching some from deadlifts & the run, but better than expected after the crap sleep. Hip back a little, as is shoulder.  Sat all afternoon at NSS, with awful posture but little effect.

Fun & Play: Moving slow in the AM. Deer in the backyard again. Free coffee at Caribou due to what I purchased! Dustin chitchat, which involved seeing an absolutely insane change in my ring pulls over the last three months (more a technique victory than strength, lotta kip there - YEAH BUT STILL):
  • 2/26: 16+14+12+13=55
  • 5/21: 20+17+18+17=72
Lunch with my BB in the perfect day's sunshine. Afternoon at NSS filled with a lotta Dustin, intern Steve, and HB silliness. A silent house. Fetch with my sillies. 

Thursday, May 21

Nutrition: Used the gift from BK at Caribou this morning to make MY day, and my Timmy's day, too.
  • 1 Larabar
  • Kind Strong bar
  • Pro Bar chews (post-run)

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 81% quality. Solid as shit, but the dogs woke me.

Healthy Movement: Feeling awesome. Zero aches & pains from the sprints, which seems impossible - not even any hip flexor tightness? Also, no aches ever surfaced yesterday from Tuesday's squats, and only the slightest upper-back tightness after benching. What? Session felt pretty much fantastic.Walk to run was a delight, introduced the dirt trail behind Discovery. Afterward I logged my first two-a-day, with a hard/fast run using the walk to run timing. It was tough, but doable. Some tightness up in left hip flexor afterward.

Fun & Play: Three deer strolling through the backyard at 530am. Silly coworker chitchat. Break time with BK. Afton volunteering plans, including staying with cousin Diane the night before. (I requested to work the start/finish line so I can see how it works at an efficient race, to bring it back to the races we do here. AND, to get smart at something specialized so I can keep volunteering at the RSR races any time I'm not crewing - fun!) Session. Timmy chitchat. Walk to run on a GORGEOUS night. Chitchat with BP afterward. Having the energy to log a second hard workout. Silent night at home with the critters.

Stress Management: Seems the hubs is back to miserable & hating his job, and now trying to figure out what to do with his life, even risking being fired by refusing to do the chore he detests. Trying very hard not to freak out unnecessarily, trusting they will all find a solution, but this is most definitely not fun times.

Wednesday, May 20

Nutrition: Improved a touch, in that I actually had some veggies for the first time in DAYS. Still, much room for improvement, and I'm missing my pre-made meals a LOT.
  • 2 Larabars
  • Kind Strong bar
  • ProBar chews (before sprints)

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 96% quality. Solid, and enough for one night, but not quite getting me caught up.

Healthy Movement: Body feels surprisingly good, even right out of bed. Class warm-up was easy-peasy. SA chin work was HARD again. Left shoulder and elbow tolerated it okay. Holea couldn't sprint, so I decided to do hills after Team Training, but then I didn't have my Garmin (no data?!) so I went home and sprinted across the yard while playing fetch with the dogs (and I haz data!). It was quite fun, and the pooches were delighted.

Fun & Play: Class. Bonus BB chitchat! Had my CPR training take just 2.5 hours, instead of 5.5 - yee haw! This meant I was able to join the team lunch, which was running late on grill time, thus prefaced by sunshine time on the patio chitchatting. Brief dose of BK/AS chitchat. Silly ROUSer texts. A big hairy work task finished. Team Training. Pooch time. Clyde in my lap time. Feeling normal again.

Stress Management: Better able to cope today. Learned of another coworker leaving (not on my team, but supports my team on some very key issues) and I feel SO GRATEFUL that this won't affect me personally. But still: I feel awful for those remaining.

Temperance: I totally stressed out about Team Training for much of the day. Turns out: it was super fucking awesome, and just the kind of thing I'm in love with, actually. It's people who know how to do things with good form, so I really only need to show them what they are doing with a few pointers here & there, give a little encouragement & enthusiasm, be silly & chatty, and make it FUN!

Tuesday, May 19

Nutrition: My face is breaking out quite a bit. Pizzas? Too much sugar? Dining out?
  • LB count today: only 2! But...
  • INBar (chocolate, & blech)
  • Kind Strong bar
  • No veggies besides Slawsa

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 88% quality. Solid as a rock, but got up tired.

Healthy Movement: Body actually feels good. Session was solid. Nothing special, but nothing disappointing. Hip markedly better. Shoulder improved. Did PT moves before class. Walk to run felt great, but I couldn't go get my own run afterward, as we had an LAE planning meeting that I'd spaced.

Fun & Play: Writing. Session. Solo Dustin time. Chitchat w/ coworkers, and w/ Timmy. A card from my BB. W2R. My ROUS beloveds. Tiny bit of hubs time.

Stress Management: Brain is so tired. I am so motherfucking ready to CHECK OUT from job #1, but so incapable. I really & truly want to change my date to, oh, TODAY, but I don't want to walk away leaving a disaster for my people. (I don't even know how they can make the time to learn things from me, much less do it when I'm gone, and I know it's not my problem, but I am STRESSING OUT ABOUT IT because I really & truly care about them.) But I really & truly want to get over to jobs #2 & #3 and be able to do the things I love doing.

Team Training (begins tomorrow for me) is stressing me out. Lead 20 people, in CJ's program, in a way that NSS wants me to, without any specific coaching besides what I've observed? Gulp.

Seems the hubs is doubting me again. I can't take it, I can't take it, I abso-fucking-lutely CAN'T take another round of that. No. To fix things, I need more hubs time. I don't have it to give.

Trying to fit it all in is exhausting me. Here's my tentative schedule for the next 6 weeks:
  • Monday: 615a teach my usual class; work until 430p, with a lunch break to run (hills); coach team training at NSS = 10.75 hours work, .5 hour workout
  • Tuesday: work ~630a-420p, with a lunch break to lift; teach my usual class; coach walk to run; run 30 minutes (fast/roads) = 9.25 hours work, 2 hours workout
  • Wednesday: 615a teach my usual class; work until 430p, with a lunch break to run (sprints); coach team training at NSS = 10.75 hours work, .5 hour workout
  • Thursday: work ~630a-420p, with a lunch break to lift; teach my usual class; coach walk to run; run 30 minutes (fast/roads) = 9.25 hours work, 2 hours workout
  • Friday: work ~630a-1230p at TS; work at NSS until ~6p (my one full rest day) = 11.5 hours work, 0 hours workout
  • Saturday: 7a coach walk to run; get my own (long/trail) run in; home chores & family time & laziness = 0 hours work, 1.5+ hours workout
  • Sunday: basement lifting; possibly a lap at LCSP; home chores & family time & laziness = 0 hours work, 1.5-2.5 hours workout
  • =51.5 hours work, 8-9+ hours workout (until long runs actually get long)
I have plenty of open weekend time...but my weekdays are brutal. Leave home at 6am, return (hopefully) by 7pm? KILLING. ME.

And yet, I will not die. I can do this. I will do this. The things I am committing to are VERY bucket-filling (other than job #1, obvi), and will rejuvenate me.

I shall channel the amazing Tina Fey:

Monday, May 18

Nutrition: Out of the ordinary / non-W30 consumed today:
  • cashew clusters
  • rice crackers
  • pork jerky & an apple for supper...on the run

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 82% quality. Much better in my own bed, just not enough to hit the recovery I need. REALLY REALLY tired all day long. When the eye doctor put in drops to dilate my eyes, then left for 15 minutes, I must have fallen asleep. I didn't THINK I did, but it felt like he was gone 4 minutes when he returned. So tired.

Healthy Movement: Feeling seriously fatigued, everywhere. Didn't even log any SA chin effort during class. Did manage to dig out my PT moves for the left hip and do those after class. And it felt quite a bit improved; I'm so dumb - why haven't I been doing this? Shoulder is a lot better. Thinking I can delay a James visit unless it doesn't keep on the up & up. I had zero energy today, for any of my life. I wanted a nap more than anything else in the world.

Fun & Play: Class. BK break time just to hide away from my workload. 50k chitchat all over FB. Time with a job #3 client helping her fix QuickBooks. Job #3 visit with the bosses to finalize details, and they are going to pay me more than expected: fuck yeah! Eye doctor, friendly peeps. Silly playful pups. Going to bed early.

Sunday, May 17

  • breakfast at Duluth Grill (red flannel hash, eggs, bacon)
  • Cashew Clusters

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 79% quality. A little better than the prior night. In later than I wanted, but I finally just left the group and crawled into bed. Got to sleep in an actual bed since one of our runners went home early; HH's white noise machine made up for my lack of earplugs (which REALLY hurt the prior night's sleep effort). Still, missed my own bed oh-so-much.

Healthy Movement: Sat in a car for 6 hours of driving again: yuck. Lifted with the hubs, which felt pretty awesome. BKSP'd, which did not. I think a lot of it was just overly-tired, "everything is going to shut down now" breakage. I really need to see James for this shoulder.

Fun & Play: Chitchat with HH, all the lovely race and runner and future plans talk. BK chitchat. HOME. Pets & hubs & lifting. BKSP.