Thursday, July 2

  • Larabars: 3 (one of them was at like 3a, so I justified it)

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 930p-545a, 67% quality. Dogs noisy & active at 245a, and I was feeling a bit h/s/g (not quite enough to eat yesterday, I think) so I got up for bathroom, water, half a Larabar, and THEN the dogs decided they wanted out. Lexi was back quickly, but I was back in bed for 10 minutes before I heard Hank scratching, so back up again. Jerks! Fell back quite soundly, and might have made it even longer but dogs were up again. SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS.

Healthy Movement: Glutes are still feeling fatigued. (What the hell?) Lower legs feel much better, just a bit stiff first off out of bed. Shoulder actually feels awesome, and stayed awesome throughout the session. Hammie prevented deadlifting, gah; it feels a lot better, but the formerly-hurty spot screamed of tightness so we went back to easy box squats. Pull-ups, still without straining, went skyrocketing upward - yeah bitchez! Saw James afterward, who has me coming back one more time at the end of next week, essentially just to make sure it's still good. Shoulder was a little bit crank on the drive home, but that was it. Now I just gotta remember my stretches like a smart person.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Slacking off at work, just waiting to be asked questions. Couple silly emails with Mike/Dustin. Session. Checking out my stand-up desk and also having Dustin ask for a link to my preferred keyboard/mouse solution (less than three weeks, eee!). Calendar clean-up, a little bittersweet. A nice farewell from the CFO, who's out next week.

Stress Management: I worked past 6 tonight, because I was helping out someone who is taking a month-end task from me, and he's out next week, so today was our only chance for him to do the work. I managed to stay upbeat about it, because I wasn't missing any plans, and he is a lovely soul & I sure don't want to strand him in a month, but dang, I'm beyond DONE with month-end being such an overwhelming demand. Happily, this is the last time. NOT going to miss it!

Temperance: This morning, I saw this picture of a truly awesome badass beast of a woman:

And my first thought was, "Hm, you know, I don't really look much different than that." I've got a little belly fluff that she doesn't (the soft-sided cooler in which I hide my six-pack, yo), but the rest? I could grease up & tan up & pose up, and look about the same.

Wait, did I seriously just think that I look as strong as Jen Sinkler? (For the record, she's much stronger, but 'scool; my running eats up my squat & deadlift weight, but my running beloveds are worth that trade-off.)

I say, hot damn, that's a good mindset.

Wednesday, July 1

  • Larabars: 2

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 930p-5a, 89% quality. Solid as my traps, yo. I don't think I stirred enough to truly wake at ANY point. Glorious.

Healthy Movement: Lower legs a bit stiff but better with the different running shoes. Slight bit of stiffness in upper back, but less than expected with the pull-up & bench quantity yesterday. Pecs super tender to the touch, though. Joined DQ & HH at LCSP feeling like it would be delightful, but it was extremely hard thanks to glutes & hams that were feeling as fatigued as though I've run 10-milers daily for a week (WTF?), so I shut down early. Better to rest and recover from whatever this is, and get my long run in on Sunday. Sure, I COULD have done the whole lap, but it would have sucked, and left me depleted, and I MUST be back up to par by Sunday, so this wasn't worth the risk. That sounds logical & even-brained, but my CIS is screaming at me for being a total wimp, like she always does. Fuck her.

Fun & Play: Class. BK break time. Tahoe spreadsheets. BB lunch time, aw. Not stressing my sanity away on day one of close, even leaving early! LCSP with a couple beloveds. Fun with Bitmoji. Fetch. Homemade doggy treats from HH to my pups, who lurved them! A silent house.

Tuesday, June 30

  • Larabars: 2
  • Renola

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 845p-515a, 79% quality. I'd have called it better; woke a few times but always back easily. Was dozing the last 20 minutes or so, and might have slept longer but for pets.

Healthy Movement: Shins, ankles, and feet are extremely achey in the morning, and mild all day.  Shoulder feels a lot better. Ham is improving again, but still there. Dustin made me do lightweight box squats only, which was the perfect height to avoid pain, and I GUESS that was smart, but ARGH I don't wanna be in pain at all! Attempted my bodyweight bench today, and couldn't have gotten closer to it, righttherebutnotquite. Logged a big chunk of pulls after work, to hit 5000 for the year. I was so close that I couldn't not do it! It was easier than expected, and more pulls in one day than I've ever done. BKSP-ing started out easy, got hard, and BK seemed a bit down, but we talked Tahoe in the parking lot for a long while to finish on a high note. Wore big fat luggy winter shoes, to see if that helped the sore feet/ankles, and they probably need to be my Tahoe shoes anyway. The actual running in them felt same as always.

Fun & Play: Silly coworkers. Break time with BK. Session. Wrapping up many assorted things at work. 5000 pulls. No jury duty tomorrow! BKSP (6 deer!) & Tahoe talk. Hubs time.

Goodbyes: Today I canceled my remaining afternoon classes. Attendance has been zero or one person since summer began, and I want to get to LCSP earlier, not waste my time waiting to see if anyone will show up. So I also had to compose a bit of a goodbye email. Sad times. I am feeling so many emotions week is going to be impossible.

Monday, June 29

  • Larabars: 2

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, no quality since I forgot to set my alarm. Woke at 1230a with severe gut cramps, and couldn't tell if it was my stomach, uterus, or intestines, but man, it HURT. Got up for bathroom & water, went back to bed. Was better if I lay on my right side. Tossed & turned until 130a, got up & took ibuprofen. Woke at 330a, checked the time, realized I had no alarm set! With allathat, quality was probably like 60%. UGH.

Healthy Movement: Body a bit achey, feet & lower legs. Left ham was tight all through class. Shoulder still crankier than I'd like. Downhills for my lunch run, and felt NOTHING in the left ham, whew! PT with James, found some new stretches to open up the shoulder/rib area. Wish I could bring the hubs along to learn how to pretzel me around & get those stretches.

Fun & Play: Class. Coworkers. Break time with BK. Successful lunch run. More BK/running plans. James (man, I like hearing that my muscles are too big!). NSS Team Training. Fetch. Hubs time.

Stress Management: Talked to BK during break about Tahoe pacing. Um, this is going to be a huge challenge. 

Miles 68.5-85 are going to be me.


Sunday, June 28

  • GF English muffin
  • Daiya cream cheese

Sleep: 6.75 hours in bed, 1015p-5a, 65% quality. In late due to wedding outing. Up early due to trails with beloveds. Napped about 1030a-1p, which restored normalcy.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling a bit creaky, but the trails were BEYOND lovely, because of both summer morning lushness (so fucking verdant!) and the perfect company. All my trail besties, all at once. I am so thrilled that my weeknights will be mine again (starting Tuesday) and this can become a regular thing again! Did a few sets of pulls throughout the afternoon, but didn't have the energy to lift. Shoulder seemed to be going a bit backward in crankiness, given two days of nothing.

Fun & Play: Trails with 4 of my beloveds. Breakfast with 2 of them. Nap time with kittehs. Afternoon of chore productivity, including making some bacon jam for 2 of my beloveds, both with birthdays last week. I then demanded burgers from the hubs, and he complied, and our bacon jam sampling proved it was a pretty damned fantastic gift!

Saturday, June 27

  • Larabars: 2
  • mom's smoked almonds (may have had vegetable oil)

Sleep: 6 hours in bed, 10p-4a, 77% quality. In late due to races. Took a while to fall asleep due to monkey mind. Woke once, fell back. Woke at 3a, did NOT fall back. Got up feeling incredibly tired. Napped 11-130a, restored some normalcy.

Healthy Movement: As hoped, the hamstring is much improved already. Some weird tightness down at the bottom now, but I assume that's just how the repairing should feel. The sharpness coming out of a squat is dull today. WHEW! Shoulder is fairly happy, at the point that it only hurts when crunched in. Feet aching a little from yesterday's many sprints in Xero shoes. I think I ran about 20 yards today, just completely spent on energy. Didn't even want to think about how hard lifting would feel with such rotten energy levels. Since I'm running with my trail besties in the morning, I decided another complete rest day was smartest. Maybe I'll have some strength for pulls tomorrow afternoon at least.

Fun & Play: Race day again. Somehow this one is more relaxed than Friday's, maybe because of the extended downtime during the race, and the setup leftover from yesterday. Hubs was a huge huge help, turned into a replacement for the THREE missing volunteers who were supposed to be bikers. (Jerkfaces.) Thankful for the many helpful volunteers who DID come help make this a big fat success! Had super fun times cheering for runners & celebrating them all with so many of my beloveds, but OMG, I was as tired as an exhausted toddler by 10am. Crashed at home and resumed feeling personable after my nap. Knocked out the bills and had some snuggly kitteh time. FB fun. Wedding visit, got to chat with hubs' bosses who I like very much.

Friday, June 26

Nutrition: Got hangry at supper time at the race, when all I had brought was jerky to nosh on. Why so dumb? Interestingly, the pizza didn't even appeal.
  • Larabars: 1

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 930p-515a, 85% quality. Mostly sound, just not quite enough.

Healthy Movement: Hammie is CRANK. Only stretching doesn't hurt, but using it does, and using it in the fully-stretched position (squat, etc) makes me fucking flinch. Stood all morning at NSS since sitting was painful. Shoulder was rather crank, but a visit to James made things a whole lot better. At the LAE races I did a lot of running back and forth between the line and the lobby, and the hamstring pain was okay with that, actually seemed to help it improve throughout the night. Whew!

Fun & Play: NSS all morning. LAE logistics with my besties, followed by race night (and only one massive crisis to solve, solved). Watching my newbies finish made my heart grow three sizes. Hubs time, as he helped us out.