Tuesday, October 21

Nutrition: And just like that, it becomes hard to get enough calories again, scrounging for more after tallying up the day. What?
  • 530a-2 eggs, 3 chicken sausage, 2 toast, coffee w/ much CM
  • 845-Larabar
  • 10-pork jerky
  • (11-Dustin session)
  • 1215p-chicken sausage, dinner roll, Larabar
  • 4-fruit
  • 5-4 gummies
  • (545-3.2m run)
  • 645-chicken w BBQ sauce, chia bootch
  • 745-2 SB&J sandwich rounds
  • calories 2425: p 1000, c 950, f 475
Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 84% quality. Solid until 3a, then in/out, dang.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good in the morning, other than very tight Achilles (both) getting out of bed. Decent upon movement. Session felt harder than it should have, but still a decent showing. Debated an eve run all day long, until I let the weather convince me. But it didn't go well - felt pukey at just 2.5 miles so I shut it down. Oh well.

Fun & Play: Today I did one of my best RAKs ever: I sent a gift to a good friend's good friend, who is just barely my friend. I only got to know him last month, but he's awesome. Anyway, he's in the hospital recovering from a tough surgery, so why not spend $15 on a thoughtful, funny gift, a RAK that could truly make a difference in his mindset during such a sucky time? Plus, it's also kind of a way of gifting to my good friend, which of course I love to do.

Silly emails to some people who needed a boost today. Team fun. Looong meeting that wasn't so bad after all, since it ended on a high note, what with my slogan winning and all. Woo hoo!

Stress Management: So much work to do. So much of it that is being half-assed, which of course I hate to do. So many stressed-out team members. So very badly do I want to take on tasks from them to relieve their loads, but I am also maxed out & dropping balls already the way it is. I just want to help, somehow. Keeping their brains level is about my only contribution right now, and it just doesn't feel like enough.

Monday, October 20

Nutrition: Back to normal. Kinda. Felt hungry much of the day, so I boosted intake a little.
  • 445a-3 tiny eggs, 3 chicken sausage, 3 toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 545-Larabar
  • 9-Larabar
  • 12-Subway salad with NO AVOCADO HMPH, apple
  • 215-bag apple chips
  • 4-Simple Squares bar
  • (530-7m run)
  • 645-bit of chicken, bit of yam, bit of summer sausage, some chia bootch, pint AZ w SB
  • calories 2500: p 825, c 975, f 700

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 915p-415a, 68% quality. Hank was being an asshole again.

Healthy Movement: Body feels great. Wearing calf sleeves. In class warm-up, the only thing that felt off was lunges, slightly stiff knees - yet squats felt great. After standing at my desk for a couple hours, knees were REALLY stiff. More movement is the solution! Started to lose all energy around 330p, and felt stiff as hell, but I knew it was also partly from spinning-in-a-meeting frustration - but I nearly canceled on Brian. Dustin's "Do it if it feels good, but be honest with yourself about how it feels" was echoing in my ears. Except, Winter looms, and I need every single second of trail love I can get, until I can't get no mo'.

The run felt tough, but it was fun anyway; just let Brian babble on about all his crazy race thoughts, and focused on keeping up. Maybe that's why I love running with him; his ideas of normal & possible have inspired the shit out of me, gotten me to do so much more running than I ever have before, and it's been wonderful. Plus all of his races sound like SO MUCH FUN to crew: beautiful nature, mountains, isolation...yes, please! I just wish I could feel capable of pacing as well. The controlled burn on the north end of the park flooded us with smoke at our finish, making it end on a shitty, cough-filled note. Blech.

Fun & Play: Productive morning. Buddy chat time. An errand knocked out for the hubs, finally. Nature & fun chitchat with my running fave.

Sunday, October 19

Nutrition: Still in "eat what-the-fuck-ever mode." Back to normal tomorrow.
  • 845a-2 eggs, 3 chicken sausage, 2 toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 11-Larabar
  • 1-Daiya pizza, bootch
  • 230p-tiny apple, in the sunshine, on the back step, with begging pooches
  • 5-summer sausage, rice crackers, apple, glazed nuts
  • calories: 2825: p 525, c 1900, f 400

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 1115p-830a, 88% quality. In late due to travel, woke at 3a but fell back, choppy when the rest of the house got up at 6a, but woke naturally when the sun got bright. Got up a little tired, but decent.

Healthy Movement: Tight left Achilles. Stiff knees. Feet a little bit fat. Outer shins sore to pressure (calf sleeves all day & night). Everything else feels perfectly fine. YAAAAY! Began considering an evening run, just to be a badass who can say she did. Brian didn't tell me it was nonsense, and he told me he'd be there at 630p. So I took that as an invite, and logged 5.4 miles that felt pretty great; my only struggle was a tight left Achilles, which warmed up eventually, and everything else was good from the start. AND it got dark halfway through so I got that night run I've been craving. Wins all around! I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am that I'm feeling so good. It's such an incredible, wondertastic thing to stop being afraid of injury with every outing.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Silent house. Much coffee in my new 50k mug. Chores mostly done. Time in the sunshine with my critters. Feeling good. Night run!

Saturday, October 18

Nutrition: Oh hey, I ate ALL THE FOODZ today, bitches. Sorry if there was none left for you! The only race food I'd change is more of the rice crackers. Those salty babies were the best-tasting thing in the world.
  • 545a-half Daiya pizza, coffee
  • (8a-430p-50k)
  • During race-rice crackers, apple chips, banana chips, maple-sugar covered almonds, toddler squeeze packs, SB&J sandwiches, gummies, salt tabs
  • Immediately post race-finished off the banana chips, apple chips, and super cookies: HUNGRY GIRL
  • 7p-2 SB&J sandwiches, bag pork jerky
  • Calories 3850: p 300, c 3100, f 450 (more guessing than usual here, but I know about how much I brought & have left after the race, so it's reasonably close)

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 100% quality. Um, no it was not. (The bed was amazingly lovely for the price of that motel, though.) Quite choppy after 3a. Awake at 5a, thought about the day ahead, then got moving.

Healthy Movement: Let's be realistic: forward motion for 8.5 hours is probably NOT all that healthy; 50k does a number on the body! Still, it was a successful accomplishment, and I'm thrilled to have gone back to finish Wild Duluth & leave it on a high note. We finished around 430p, sat around, ate some, and then about 6p we enjoyed an ice bath at Mike's cabin. I added calf sleeves on the drive home at 930p; I should have put them on at the second-to-last aid station; thought about it while running, but never thought about it while actually at an AS & able to do it. Outer shins are quite sore to the touch, began hurting around mile 20, and downhills didn't help. Everything else is very normal long-run soreness and nothing to worry about. Yay!

Fun & Play: Time with friends in the woods. Seeing runners I knew and cheering them on. Nature nature nature. Monica & Jodi finishing. Race recap with Mike at the cabin. Chatting with Jennah's family & playing with pooches. Chitchat with my peeps about the race. Satisfaction of a job well done, and feeling pretty good physically (relatively speaking, of course) after such a distance.

Nature: 9 hours in nature? Yes, please! I so thoroughly love the SHT, even when she acts like her only goal is to trip you. I'm dying to be able to run that trail regularly, in short, non-painful, non-brutal doses. I wish I wish I wish.

Friday, October 17

Nutrition: All the calories! A lot of everything, make the body feel gooood. 
•5a-2 eggs, 3 chicken sausage, 2 toast, coffee
•915-2 eggs, ham, potatoes (Trav's!)
•1145-Renola, bootch
•115p-Subway salad, Renola
•6-Cobb salad (Duluth Grill!)
•645-coconut bar, bootch
•Calories 3400: P 1200, C 900, F 1300

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 75% quality. Woke to Hanky at 330a, what the hell is going on with these dogs! Couldn't get Hank to give up, either. Hoped they'd stay out for an hour but Lexi barked again soon. OMG SRSLY. Alarm woke me and made me wish I'd set it for later. 

Healthy Movement: 330am calf cramp, fun! Sharp pain in right ankle a couple times! Taper madness is a REAL THING. And it sucks. Sat all day, but can feel the restlessness, no slothfulness. Perfect. 

Fun & Play: NSS all morning, including TWO Caribou treats delivered. Second breakfast, and with Holea besides! 50k travels! Seeing Brian W, Shawn, & Gonzo at packet pickup. Duluth Grill deliciousness. Race excitement. Crewing advice. 

Thursday, October 16

Nutrition: Tired today. Tanking energy several times. Bleah.
  • 5a-2 eggs, 3 chicken sausage, 2 toast, coffee w CM
  • 530-Caribou, sweet Caribou!
  • 615-Kind Strong bar
  • 9-Larabar, 1 hot dog
  • 1115-apple (for Boss's Day, aw!)
  • (12p-Dustin session)
  • 130-tuna w mustard, rice crackers, apple, iced tea
  • 345-2 hot dogs, yam
  • 6-half Daiya pizza, chia bootch
  • calories 2750: p 800, c 1625, f 325

: 6.75 hours in bed, 915p-4a, 74% quality. Wide awake at 330a thanks to a prancing Hank. Unfortunately, no matter how badly I wanted to fall back (I'd have traded my next paycheck for another 2 hours), I couldn't. Animals were actually all very weird this morning; instead of their normal 10 minutes, the dogs were out for a full hour. As was Oscar, when normally the cats do not want to go outside in the morning. Clyde still had not returned by the time I left. What the hell is going on? Chupacabra & wendigo crossed my mind!

Healthy Movement: Super tight lower legs. Left Achilles very much so. Right ankle hurts. Fuck off, taper madness! Session was of course easy-peasy fun times. Killing the total pull-up reps! Low-energy day. Too long.

Fun & Play: Everyone in a silly, near-giddy mood at work. Laugh so you don't cry, maybe? Super productive, knocked out two recommendations based on two awfully deep spreadsheets that I never want to think about again. Session. Team treats for Boss's Day. My boss telling me that my card to her made her day.

Nature: Afternoon snack time out in the sunshine. I wish that everyone's job allowed them to take their break whenever they liked, on green grass, with gentle breezes, and abundant sunshine. It does a brain so much good!

Wednesday, October 15

  • 5a-2 eggs, 3 chicken sausage, 2 toast, a half-toast w/ jelly, coffee w/ CM
  • 6-Larabar
  • 10-2 hot dogs, Kind Strong bar
  • 1230p-chicken & yam & chat w my BB :)
  • 315-Larabar
  • 6-salad w vinaigrette, summer sausage, SB&J toast
  • calories 2400: p 850, c 1000, f 550

: 7.25 hours in bed, 945p-5a, 67% quality. In late because I'm dumb. Solid until 2a then in/out after that. Wide awake at 445a, but couldn't get myself up & moving until I absolutely had to.

Healthy Movement: Lower legs extremely tight getting out of bed; left low back also a bit whiny. Probably just taper nonsense, but nevertheless: full rest day. Got extremely stiff by noon (very little movement all morning, buried deep in a spreadsheet) and felt pretty terrible: very, very tired. Sat a couple times and it was a lot of energy to get back up. No way did I even want to run anymore. I did want to be out in the sunny 60F glory, but the closest I got was walking back to my desk via the great outdoors after dropping off my BB at her desk...which was not at all between lunch and my desk, ha! At home I crashed hard and was completely lazy. 0 energy. I have no idea what hit me today but I hope it's gone soon. Like, tomorrow. 

Fun & Play: Really fun class today. Seeing my women choose heavier weights when there are lighter options right there + hearing one declare that she can tell she's getting stronger = happy, fulfilled Sabrina!

Deep, deep spreadsheet wading. Lunch with my BeloveBuddy. Leaving work early (though not by choice, meeting a repairman) and getting a wee dose of outdoors via fetch.

Stress Management: Exhausting afternoon with that spreadsheet. Brain fried. Body shot.